Monthly Archives: April 2019

Visit to Super Market

Our toddlers visited the supermarket. Their teachers and friends accompanied them. They were taken to the different counters, where they saw a variety of products displayed on the shelves which had some great offers and deals on them. The teachers explained to them the process of choosing products, buying and how they could pay for the items purchased by them using cash or card. Our toddlers learnt from this trip that they should pick healthy food items and should help their mothers in shopping.

Fire Safety for Little Learners

Nursery section performed a skit on fire safety. This skit helped the children learn about fire, what to do in case of a fire, whom to call in case of a fire. The message of the skit was clear not to play with fire and call the fire-fighters who will be there quickly to help stop the fire using water and other types of extinguishers.

Instilling the Spirit of Patriotism

Pictures of the grand event reflect the efforts put in by the children, teachers and parents of the Bodakdev Preschool. Students of preprimary came dressed in attires of freedom fighters and performed on patriotic songs. Nursery students made small flags to pin to their shirts and also created collages of the Indian flag. They also had hand prints in tricolour. They even enacted the roles of national leaders. The soft boards were decorated with national symbols. The school was decorated with tri-coloured balloons, flags, ribbons and patriotic slogans.

Janmashtami Celebrations

The birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great pomp and festivity. All the children came in traditional dresses. Boys dressed as Krishna and Girls dressed as Radha gave a classic touch to the entire celebration. Beautiful decorations were put to make this event more cheerful and colourful. The event commenced with a session on storytelling on the life of Lord Krishna which was followed by a traditional aarti. A ‘MatkiPhod’ event was organised to mark the mischievous nature of ‘Bal Gopal’. The tiny tots along with their teachers and mothers danced on the tunes of Garba. The programme concluded with the Prasad distribution.

Green Warriors

A plantation activity was held in the school. Children were provided with pots, soil, water and a sapling. Our little ones painted the pots in red colour in their painting sessions.

Then with the help of their class teacher, they filled their pots with mud and planted the saplings. They watered it for a few days in the school, and now they took it home as they pledged to take care of these saplings and watch them grow.

Revisit Childhood-Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents are someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart.’ Grandparents hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Many of us still look for their advice when in trouble. Their bed-time stories are an integral part of a child’s growing years. In honour of grandparents, Bodakdev School celebrated Grandparents Day. On the occasion children, in their unique way, thanked grandparents for their love and support.

The guests of honour- Grandparents, were welcomed with the traditional way by applying tilak on their forehead. The special day was filled with dance and song performances by the kids. Children recited rhymes and danced on songs. After some fun-filled performances, grandparents and children played puzzles and games with their tiny tots. In the end, paper flowers made by the children were gifted to grandparents to take with themselves as memoirs.

Field Trip to Rasala

Field trips offer many incredible learning opportunities. Kids develop valuable skills and priceless knowledge.

Our children went for a field trip to ‘Rasala Park’, near Ellisbridge, Gymkhana. It was a cute sight but more than that it was a great revelation for our tiny tots to see their favourite animals and birds live-up, close and at a reachable distance. This visit made them believe that their toy animals, the animals which they read in books and see on television exist.

It also helped them to differentiate between animated caricatures and the real form of the animals they love. The tiny tots spent time observing the food habits of the birds, animals and played in the play area at ‘Rasala Park’.

An Exhibition of Shapes

The tiny tots of Playgroup (Early Child Care) and Nursery prepared a variety of craft items for their exhibition on shapes. This helped them to learn the specific properties of each shape, such as the number of sides or how the shapes look like. It also solidified their understanding of the two- dimensional structures. The exhibition was a work of creative imagination and expression coupled with learning.

Models of Dice, Matchbox, Clock, Computer, Fridge, Pizza, photo frames were made for the exhibition by the tiny tots. Parents were invited to motivate the little ones, and they gave positive feedback on the same. The presentation was a fun and enriching one which drove the tiny tots to give their best.

World Animal Day

Jungles are always fascinating for the Pre-schoolers. On World Animal Day a beautiful forest was created by the teachers in the campus. They paid heed to every small detail of the things found in the jungle.

They used recycled green paper, cut-outs of animals and fresh leaves and branches to create a small jungle. A little water pond was also created in which children could spot fishes and duck. Children dressed as animals came to school and spoke a few lines in the jungle. They were taken for a walk in the forest where they spotted many animals which were hidden in the corners of the wilderness. Children enjoyed this activity as through this activity they got a deep insight into the habitat of animals.

Visit To Gandhi Ashram

Field trips are an integral part of the curriculum and provide a valuable learning experience for Pre-schoolers. Tiny tots of Playgroup (Early Child Care) and Nursery visited ‘Gandhi Ashram’ situated at the banks of river Sabarmati. They took a tour of the ashram to gain insight into Gandhiji’s life and his philosophy. They could also observe the process of spinning cotton into yarn on the Charkha. The tiny tots watched a movie on Gandhiji and also visited the galleries in the ashram. This visit also helped to instil confidence in the children to go out of their familiar surroundings and proceed together as a team.