Monthly Archives: August 2019

100th day of School

Tiny tots of our school celebrated a new milestone in school today as they have completed their 100 days of this academic year. A 100 shaped door welcomed the little ones in the school. The last 100 days have made our children wiser, smarter and confident due to the plethora of age-appropriate learning activities in the school. Today the nursery toddlers got acquainted with the number 100 and Playgroup (Early Child Care) children were engaged with a fitness activity based on the same theme. Similarly, Junior section children too were engrossed in their activities related to the topic.

Senior section children enjoyed their unique 100 worksheets in which they wrote their 100 wishes, 100 favorite places. It was indeed a day of fun and learning for our tiny tots in the school.

School Opens New Clinic

We are glad to announce the opening of our homeopathy clinic on the campus. Shri G.K. Choksi inaugurated the clinic. He is the founder of the largest homeopathy clinic chain- Anubhuti Homeopathy in Gujarat. The other dignitaries present at the inauguration were Mrs ShefaliChoksi, Mr MananChoksi (Executive Director of BSFC), Mrs Villoo Parikh, Director, Mr Pranav Pandya, Administrative Manager and Ms AmoliPatell, Vice-Principal of the school.

The safe and side-effect free Homeopathy medicines shall be provided free of cost to the students as well as the staff. A certified doctor shall be available on the campus during the school hours. Parents can also avail the facility by paying a nominal charge.

Apart from the regular cough and cold medicines, children will be given medication for physiological ailments, psychosomatic diseases like bed-wetting, separation anxiety, attention deficiency disorder etc. As the clinic is in school, children can continue their treatment for a more extended period.

VIBGYOR Splash Day

Children of Bodakdev School welcomed the rain gods in the city by celebrating VIBGYOR Splash Day in the school. They came dressed according to the theme; some of them carried colourful umbrellas to school while others were dressed as peacocks or clouds. With the perfect weather, this celebration was apt as the children got to know everything related to the rains and rainbow. Playgroup (Early Child Care) children sang ‘Row Row your boat’ and floated their paper boats in the splash pool. They also took part in balloon dabbing activity. Tiny tots of Nursery splashed different colours on the floor to observe the mixing of the colours.

Students of Junior KG came dressed as farmers, clouds, rainbow and frogs and provided adequate, relevant information to their friends. The entire school was vibrant with rainbow colours, and our toddlers enjoyed the age-appropriate activities in the school. Children even made rainbow crafts themselves and took them home with a story to describe the ‘Magical Monsoon’ experience in school.

Visit to Khoj Museum

Khoj Museum is the only children’s museum in India. This museum is a joint initiative with Zoom Kinder Museum, Vienna. A visit was organised for the toddlers of Bodakdev School for Khoj Museum. The little darlings with their teachers hopped on to their school buses for this special visit. On entering the museum, they were taken to the Bubble Exhibits in the museum. Their visit was filled with experiments, demonstrations, activities and competitions related to bubbles. The little ones got busy making bubbles, bubble walls and in their bubble race. Some of them created bubble hurricanes, bouncing and floating bubbles and they also froze bubbles using dry ice. All our toddlers thoroughly enjoyed this edutainment field visit.