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Vansh Mehta’s Mother

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I am the mother of Vansh Mehta. He is in Playgroup (Early Child Care) A. I am delighted with the kind of efforts the teachers are taking for every event and the variety of activities that they are doing in class. I see a lot of reflection on the activities that are being done in school on my child. Vansh is very happy coming to school, and I am pleased to see him enjoying his school so much. As my kid was young, I was a little apprehensive about the kind of reaction that he  would give staying away from the parents. But I guess school is taking a lot of efforts to make them comfortable in their class. I am very thankful to the teachers as all are caring and loving towards the children. I am delighted to see the development and progress of my child.

Rudransh Vyas’s Father

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Hi, I am the father of Rudransh Vyas. He is studying in Junior F. As far his progress goes I came to know that there has been a fantastic improvement in Rudransh. The kind of different activities the school is doing for the children has helped him cope with whatever difficulties he was facing initially. Of lately we have seen him open up and I wish he continues to do so and I wish all the best to the school too. I hope that my kid, along with other kids, develop and contribute to the nation.

Rehet’s Father

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My daughter’s name is Rehet Ahuja. She is in PG A .  While we talk about the school, I am happy with the school. Cleanliness is excellent. All the staff from maids or we talk about the teachers; they take care of the child. They work a lot and give their hundred per cent to the child. She is learning very fast. She likes to go to school, which is an excellent sign for a child who has just joined a preschool. I am very thankful to Bodakdev team, Udgam and Zebar team.

Piya’s Mother

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My daughter’s name is Piya Soni. She is in Playgroup (Early Child Care) A. Before entering school; we were a little sceptical about what type of school it would be? But after seeing my daughter’s progress in the last two months, I think this is one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad. My daughter is improving, and the teachers are very friendly with the children.

Himaani’s Mother

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Hello, my daughter’s name is Himani Agarwal. It’s a pleasure to have her in BSFC. The school has integrated technology and learning, which is beneficial for toddlers. I have seen students do not study enough, but when they come here, they are taught in such a way that they love to study. My daughter usually doesn’t like to study, but here I have seen her improvement in numbers, phonics, alphabets and she is learning Hindi too. They are also giving facility of computers too. School is providing educational learning using a computer which is a good concept.  It’s an excellent institution, and I have been lucky to be here.

Dhyan ‘s Mother

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Hi, I am Nirali Panchal, Dhyan ‘s mother. Earlier, he was very cranky, but after three to four months, he enjoys his school. At home too he carries his school bag whole day and his apron. The main improvement which can be seen in him now is that he is very social. Earlier whenever he used to go to any park, restaurant or any relative’s place, he always used to cling to me or my husband. After joining Bodakdev School, he likes to mingle with kids of his age. Dhyan’s Vocabulary has improved, and he can sing poems and can identify colours. He is enjoying his Playgroup (Early Child Care) in BSFC.

Choose the best for your little one

A new-born child is the center of attraction for the parents and grandparents. The apple of the eye slowly starts crawling, taking support and starts to walk. Usually, it’s the mother who takes the lead responsibility of raising the child. But nowadays, the new trend of the hands-on father has emerged wherein the fathers are more well-read, well prepared for their bundle of joy.

As the child starts moving around in the house and starts eating healthy food and stops eating semi-solid food, the child enters into an age where he feels the need for more friends. This particular need for friends, daily new activities and a routine is very much necessary for parents as children nowadays get bored quickly. Even after buying vast quantities of toys, and activity books children don’t feel satisfied or enjoy them.

Everyday keeping the child entertained at home becomes a task or sometimes a challenge for the parents irrespective of whether the mother is working or not. The other problem which most of the parents face nowadays is the habit of toddlers to get hooked to television, mobiles or tablets. Sometimes given for a couple of minutes, initially slowly turns into a practice.

So if your child has been potty trained, can understand basic instructions given by the parents. If the child has started mingling with the visitors at home, then parents can take a sound decision of enrolling the child in the best preschool in Ahmedabad. The ideal age to enrol your child in a pre-primary school is after your child’s second birthday.

The benefits of enrolling your child in a Playschool are enormous. The major ones are toddler learns to make new friends. He gets engaged in the playschool, which keeps the child’s energies channelized positively.

Moreover, apart from making new friends, children learn fundamental human values of sharing, caring, companionship and teamwork in a preschool. Nowadays preschools are mushroomed in every nook and corner of the city but choose the best preschool in Ahmedabad which gives your child proper education in all aspects.

The preschool you select at the time of admission should have the same amount of comfort which your little one has at home. So if your child has a habit of staying in AC rooms from his birth, choose an AC school for your bundle of joy.

Indian parents are very conscious of the type of food they are giving to their little ones. The food prepared at Indian homes is usually fresh and using the best ingredients. Similarly, at school, our toddlers get a home-cooked meal in their snack time as we adhere to strict measures of quality control and hygiene in our school kitchen.

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Choose a preschool or a daycare based on the facilities, the teachers and the exposure they are giving to your little one.

Bodakdev School for Children is one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad, India and has all the essential features which an ideal preschool has for toddlers in Ahmedabad — nurturing environment, warm and friendly teachers, clean and hygienic classrooms, healthy snacks and overall a plethora of activities to keep your little ones busy and engaged for three hours in a day.

Apart from the infrastructure, the preschool has a wide range of attractive wooden toys sourced from all over the world. Playgroup (Early Child Care) children get unstructured playtime as our motto is ‘Play is the highest form of research’. Children have sand play sessions, cooking sessions and celebrations which make their toddler years memorable. What are you waiting for book an appointment and check the newest preschool in Ahmedabad for your toddler?

Spreading the message of Gandhiji

Bodakdev School organised a special visit for the students of Senior KG. This visit was aimed at teaching the young ones crucial life lessons of Bapu, which focused on Non-Violence, Dignity of Labour and Cleanliness.
Young children of Senior KG donned Khadi clothes and holding placards visited Gandhi Ashram recently. They also wore Khadi caps and carried the famous charkha with them. Students interacted with the visitors of Gandhi Ashram and told them to follow the Gandhian way of life. They also got some time to visit the Gandhi museum and exhibits at the Ashram. Students also met the Gujarat Battalion NCC team and discussed cleanliness issues outside the Ashram with the team. In the end, they got pictures clicked with their teachers, statue of Bapu and the NCC team.