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Virtual Parent Teacher Meetings

Virtual Parent Teacher meeting was held recently. Teachers of Bodakdev School interacted with each parent and tried to access their level of satisfaction with online classes. Parents too got a chance to sit and clarify doubts regarding their child’s physical, mental and emotional development. They also shared their experiences of live classes with educators. Many parents expressed their immense gratitude towards the teachers who are teaching remotely during this pandemic. They asked for many tips and ideas to keep their little ones busy at home. The entire interaction was meaningful as they resolved to work in tandem.

Swara’s Grandfather

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We are thankful to school teachers and staff for inviting Grandparents in Navratri celebrations. I attended this event as Swara’s grandfather. Now the future of our toddlers will change. Till now, we were playing with them at home, now a foundation is being laid in BSFC preschool. I am confident teachers at BSFC will lay a strong foundation for my grand child.- Thank you so much for inviting for this unique programme.

Diwali celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm at Bodakdev School

Diwali the festival of lights was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm at Bodakdev School. Toddlers of Playgroup (Early Child Care) made diyas using clay and students of Junior KG made beautiful rangolis using Ice cream sticks, pista shells, walnuts, pompom, petal and colours. Toddlers of Nursery made Eco-friendly torans in their class. Candle making activity was held in Junior KG classrooms where they created beautiful paper candles to gift to their moms. Children in Senior KG painted and decorated diyas which they gifted to heads of the school. They also made a cute family book to gift this Diwali to their parents.

Teachers held several other activities in which they told the young children about the beautiful festival of lights and the reasons why it is celebrated across our country with enthusiasm. All the young ones displayed their creativity in the art and craft sessions and carried those diyas, and craft pieces to decorate their homes this Diwali.



A Gift to Cherish

Toddlers of Bodakdev School were surprised when they received a personalised calendar by their teachers as their Diwali gift. The calendar has images of each child engrossed in school activities along with class group photo. These calendars were handed over to the parents and toddlers in the parent-teacher meeting before the Diwali break.
This calendar will remain a prized possession for all the parents of the School as it has beautiful moments of toddlers captured by our ace photographers.


Diwali activities in Sparkles.

Before the Diwali break, toddlers of Sparkles were also busy with Diwali activities in the school. The gifted toddlers decorated postcards with glitter and then hopped to their school bus to post it to their near and dear ones. The special children also took part in Diya painting and Rangoli making in school. These creative activities kept them engaged in school, as they learnt the meaning of the festival of lights and its significance through these activities.

Welcome Theme

Bodakdev campus is now hustling and bustling with excitement. There are laughter and giggles in the air as our toddlers returned to the school after the Diwali break. They were welcomed with an exclusive glimpse of the heritage of our city in the form of mini monuments made by educators. The toddlers enjoyed touching and observing all these mini monuments like Teen Darwaza, Siddi Saiyed Jaali, Swami Narayan Temple and Adalaj Step Well in the school. They also enjoyed the stories narrated by their teachers of each monument. These monuments were put up to make the young children proud of the rich architecture and heritage of our city.


Field Trip to CEE

Toddlers of Bodakdev School visited CEE (Centre for Environment Education) recently. The vast sprawling campus is located in Bodakdev area. The staff of CEE welcomed them. The little ones from Playgroup (Early Child Care) were busy in the open finding ants and noticing their mud homes in the green grass. They also picked dried flowers and leaves and made beautiful collages. The young children of other sections got a chance to interact with the potter and create cute vases with clay. The special students of Sparkles visited the exhibition section where they saw exhibits of wild animals and domestic animals. The visit concluded with a tour of the beautiful campus where they saw a large variety of birds, insects and fishes. Such well thought visits help the young children to learn to appreciate and observe nature.


Vansh Mehta’s Mother

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I am the mother of Vansh Mehta. He is in Playgroup (Early Child Care) A. I am delighted with the kind of efforts the teachers are taking for every event and the variety of activities that they are doing in class. I see a lot of reflection on the activities that are being done in school on my child. Vansh is very happy coming to school, and I am pleased to see him enjoying his school so much. As my kid was young, I was a little apprehensive about the kind of reaction that he  would give staying away from the parents. But I guess school is taking a lot of efforts to make them comfortable in their class. I am very thankful to the teachers as all are caring and loving towards the children. I am delighted to see the development and progress of my child.