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Find out the benefits of online classes for a pre-schooler.

Do you know that in Ahmedabad, Bodakdev School is one of the best preschools and was coincidentally one of the first in the city to start virtual learning for its pre-schoolers?

The school has tech-savvy teachers who prepare each lesson beforehand.

The school with more than 300+ students who are studying in various sections of Playgroup, Nursery, Junior KG, as well as Senior KG, has been helping and guiding children virtually.

Do toddlers enjoy online classes? Is a common question that comes in our minds? Well, actually it is interesting and exciting for toddlers as well as young children.

Each online class is tailored as per the child’s age and requirement. Each day is a new day for the toddlers of each class. Age-appropriate online activities are held every day.

Young children look forward to meeting their friends and teachers virtually. Teachers innovate, reinvent teaching as well as learning methods for the pre-schoolers.

Virtual classes are designed to be a fun and productive manner for toddlers to keep in touch with the outside world. It includes live lessons with the teachers and self-study activities to be completed at home before and after each live class with the help of parents.

Bodakdev School is committed, ensuring that all students in online classes study in a safe and supportive environment, and our platform MS Teams incorporates several features that are designed to keep young children safe while they are online.

Apart from the exciting and engaging classes, there is one significant benefit of the online class for a pre-schooler is developing social skills. Man is a social animal, and he learns by interacting with others.

Online classes of Bodakdev School are the perfect solution for the young children. The daily communication with teachers, talking time, circle time, rhyme time, storytime and expression time help the child interact with teachers and friends.

The virtual classes comprise of many different types of activities that help the children to remain in touch with their friends. Storytelling using puppets, language-based activities, sessions for various activities like dance, music, basic physical exercise or games too, are held.

Creative activities too, are held regularly for young children. Toddlers are taught to use things available at home to make craft items.

In Playgroup, educational content developed by our early educators is shared with each parent. Each activity is designed in a specific area of child development to allow the child to flourish in their overall mental and physical development. Since our experts lead our curriculum for online classes, every online activity is in continuation with previous online class and helps the child to excel in age-appropriate skills. The online classes of Bodakdev are an extension of our curriculum that is used in our physical classes.

The motto of Bodakdev School shall always remain to make childhood learning enjoyable and meaningful for the pre-schoolers of Ahmedabad.

Adapting new styles of virtual teaching makes the sessions enjoyable as well as exciting for the little ones is the main reason why Bodakdev School has become the top online preschool of Ahmedabad.

For more details on our online curriculum for each class, please fill in the online form and our admission team will get back to you or visit

Keep calm and do your best

The current situation has left many parents anxious about managing their children from home as well as their offices. COVID-19 has forced all schools across the world to shut their doors for the safety of children.

As a parent, we all love, adore our kids, but do we want to don the hat of their teachers too?

Schools are closed especially preschools for an indefinite period, daycares are closed, and it seems that we have no choice at all.

Parents are a child’s first teachers, and they will have to do it for their child now.

However, it is crucial to remember that all families are different, and each family has a unique setup. Here are some tips/ suggestions that would help you to adapt to your situation.

Here are some tips from the experts to give you some peace of mind.

Don’t judge yourself as a parent.

The current situation is not to be a perfect parent. We all are humans; it is okay if we feel stressed, anxious, or pressure- and especially the days when we lose our cool as a parent. Relax! There would be times to reset and refresh your mind. Don’t lose your temper if your child has not completed his school work. Give him or her some space, and maybe today he is not in a mood and tomorrow the child may finish it all.

Your office work is also important.

In case you are working from home, you need to strike a delicate balance between your office work and your household duties. It would be best if you prioritised things. Create a schedule for yourself and your child. If required, create your own desk and work from there.

In case you have something urgent, you can always give your child screen time if you can’t attend the child and the maid is missing. There are plenty of apps available from Bodakdev School that can be used for constructive screen time. Recently the school has tied up with ExtraMarks for good quality content for young children. To know how Extramarks is helping children across India click on

Keep in touch with your social contacts.

You would be keeping in touch with your work colleagues and other friends virtually. Similarly, your child must stay in touch with his school friends, organise online playdates, video calls or google meets for your little one.

So keep yourself calm and composed and accept the new normal. Bodakdev School has counselling services for parents and children. In case you would like to speak to the school counsellor you can get in touch with her over email.

How to teach toddlers at home?

Your cute adorable chubby cherub is finally at home and is turning out to be cranky, sometimes aggressive and is becoming difficult to handle too.

The new normal has thrown new challenges for the parents of toddlers. The biggest problem parents face is to keep the little one engaged the whole day.

Here are some tips and tricks curated by educators of one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad for you to teach your toddler at home.

1) Fix up a place for online class – A place for online class helps to set the daily routine and the expectation that it is time to study. It can be the corner of your dinner table, a place in the study area or a simple folding table. Ensure there is good lighting for the child to attend the online class.

2) Collect materials that will be required beforehand

As a parent, it is your responsibility to prepare for the online class. Stationery and other things needed for the class have to be arranged. Some suggestions for things to have on the study table; pencils, sharpener, erasers, paint if required. Buy attractive boxes, stationery holders, or desk organisers. You can order online, or you can make from old cardboard at home. It is also recommended a separate bookshelf for your little one or a separate file/folder for each subject.

3) Check the school portal daily

Teachers usually provide details in advance about the next class. You can prepare the material accordingly for the class. If required, you can email and ask for information, don’t be hesitant. It would come handy when your child attends the virtual class of Bodakdev School.

4) Set a routine for online class

Many things are totally dependent on the parents, and one of the most important things is setting a routine for an online class for a toddler. Hence, it is necessary to follow a regular school routine for an online class too.

For example, please keep the same wake-up time, the same breakfast ritual, the usual bathroom routine for a pre-schooler(special focus should be on hand washing) and motivate them to get dressed for their online class. You can also encourage your child to wear their school uniform daily.

5) Plan the day

Make your child your partner and ask the child how he/she would like to spend the day. Involve the child in the day. Create  a schedule and stick it near to his eye level. Set a time for each activity. In case your child is a bit older and can do some drawing/painting independently, then you can use that time to complete your pending tasks. Setting a time limit for each task would make your day productive. Use the Pomodoro technique for effective time management.

6) Long teaching hours v/s short teaching hours

As a policy at Bodakdev School, we do not have online classes beyond 40 minutes for young children. Similarly at home too, you can break your teaching time with your child. Keep it not more than thirty minutes as your child may lose interest.

You can combine nursery rhymes or stories with exercise time. Try to engage your child in physical exercise with you. As children are at home, they must be involved in any form of physical activity. Storytelling or nursery rhymes along with exercise would be a great stress buster for you and your little one too.

7) Learning opportunities exist everywhere

Parents need to remain in touch with educators of Bodakdev School. Keep communicating and asking questions to your child’s teachers. Find out what are the key concepts in each week for your pre-schooler. Ask them how you can teach them in various ways at home. The trained educators in one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad have a vast knowledge. You should take advantage of their expertise and ask them to help you out.

8) Learning beyond Curriculum

There are many opportunities for a child to learn at home. During gardening the child can observe the plants and learn about various parts of plants, play with water and learn about water and its properties, conduct simple at home science experiments, play hide and seek, treasure hunt, sing rhymes loudly for fun, learn alphabets with using clay, make animals with dough or kinetic sand. All these activities will enhance your child’s knowledge.

9) Stay Connected with your child’s friends: The main reason why children miss their school is their friends. Try to organise virtual parties for your child, connect your child with their class friends virtually. Parents can also arrange theme-based virtual play dates and enjoy with their child’s friends. This would be a great way to stay in touch for the little ones with their buddies.

10) Every day is a new day

It is not necessary that every day is going to be a fantastic day and you and your little one are going to accomplish whatever learning activities you had planned. Don’t worry; learning at home is different. Sometimes you may be able to notice what you had taught your child, and sometimes it would take time for your child to understand and apply whatever the child has learnt with you the previous day. Repetition with toddlers is the key to success.

Learning is a never-ending process. Don’t panic if kids don’t respond or don’t learn just now. Keep a record of things you have taught to the child at home. You can ask your child’s teacher to ask your child those topics during the online class. Sometimes children feel shy or don’t want to discuss the same topic with parents but at the same time are enthusiastic to share it with their teachers in online class. You can also click pictures and videos of learning at home and share with your school. They will also become lovely memories for you. After some time, they can be a wonderful resource of your child’s learning milestones with you.

The main message from the above tips was that learning at home should be enjoyable for both parents and the child. If it becomes a bone of contentment, then you need to talk to the school about it. Right now, the most important thing for a parent should be your relationship with your child. Strike a balance between learning, time with your child and your unconditional love for your little one. Enjoy this precious time with your little darling.

Top Activities for toddlers in Bodakdev School for Playgroup (Early Child Care) and Nursery.

“Play is the highest form of research”, this quote by Albert Einstein aptly suggests what the educators at Bodakdev School believe in and so we have many activities which help the toddlers to enjoy his/ her childhood years. Pre-School is a place of adventures, growth and play-based learning for toddlers. The main motive in one of the largest preschools of Ahmedabad is to support the toddlers’ innate curiosity, eagerness to learn new things and their love of communication with their peers. The learning environment is designed to motivate interest and continually challenge the thinking of toddlers.

Here’s a list of wonderful preschool activities that are held regularly in one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad.

Sand Play Activity

Sand Play

Sand play is absolute fun and is considered a crucial toddler activity. Nowadays, with urbanisation, there are very few places where the little ones get to play in the sand. Toddlers in one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad scoop, dig, pour and sift with sand. The numerous sand toys which they get in the school help them in building their muscles and coordination. Sand play with their classmates, teaches them about teamwork, sharing and social skills.

Water Play

Toddlers of Playgroup and Nursery enjoy different types of water activities
as it is a favourite activity of pre-schoolers. Water spray, water painting, ice painting, shifting water from big containers to small containers etc. are some of the preschool water activities. All conducted in a safe environment with understanding of basic concepts of water such as volume. It also makes the toddlers understand that every action has a result. Water activities at the age from 2 to 4 are perfect for improving hand-eye coordination, physical strength too.

Sessions with Clay

Toddlers of Bodakdev School of Playgroup and Nursery are provided with good quality clay in school for their clay sessions. They create letters and make basic shapes such as square, rectangle, and circle with clay. Clay sessions are the perfect exercise for development of fine motor skills of toddlers. It also provides them with ample opportunities to interact with their classmates.

Role Play

Role Play activities in the preschool widen the imagination of the pre-schoolers. In one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad, role-play activities are conducted by educators. It helps them to understand the world around them. Recently a role play was held in which teachers had dressed up as family members to make the young ones understand the importance of grandparents and extended family members.

Creative Art sessions and craft sessions

Creative Art sessions and craft sessions

Art sessions ignite the imagination of little minds. It also gives them a deeper understanding of colours, type of shapes and also freedom to express themselves freely. Every festival at Bodakdev School has a special art and craft activity that makes the toddlers understand the traditions associated with the festival. At their age, the main focus in these sessions is to teach them sticking and pasting and encourage their creativity.

Blocks and Shape Sorters

All the different type of blocks and shape sorters which are necessary for the toddlers at this age are provided to them in their play sessions in school. This playtime improves the visuo-spatial ability of the pre-schoolers. In addition to that, it improves logical reasoning, ordering and recognising various shapes, sizes and colours around them.

Music, Dancing and Singing

All these three creative skills are taught to the toddlers at Bodakdev School. Dancing helps them to free their mind from negative emotions, whereas music and singing help them in improvising their vocabulary and listening skills. Dancing also enhances their physical movement and is a good exercise for toddlers.

Indoor Play

Bodakdev preschool has tied up with leading sports agency which keeps toddlers busy in their classrooms. Nowadays, with a lack of green area in the city, toddlers usually miss their playtime at home. During their school, they have a whale of a time with the sports educators who give them a large variety of props to play. These indoor safe and age-appropriate challenges increase their confidence as well as improve their gross motor skills too.

Sensory Play

Sensory Play

Sensory play activities are those that involve touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. It helps them to explore and investigate the world around them. Toddlers do this naturally as they can’t read or write, and they learn through activities in one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad. Young children of Playgroup and Nursery have many sessions of sense of touch and feel that helps in development of their five sense organs. For toddlers of Nursery sessions on tasting food on the basis of three categories of sweet, salty and spicy are held regularly.

Basic Board Games

Toddlers of Playgroup and Nursery are given two piece puzzles, matching colour puzzles and puzzles based on sorting animals and birds. All these puzzles with beautiful images help them to understand the beautiful world around them.

Apart from these main activities, there are several field visits in the entire year, story telling sessions, celebrations with family members and much more. We at Bodakdev School ensure that our toddlers enjoy their formative years with us.

How to prepare your child for the first day at preschool?

The first day of the pre-school of your child is always a mixture of anxiety, sadness and excitement. As a parent, you were the first teacher of your child and will always remain throughout his life. Children learn from their surroundings, especially the environment at home.

It is also the beginning of a new journey of your toddler on which he will embark for knowledge. Your child will even start his new adventure of making new friends, playing and interacting with them, sharing, taking turns and settling into a new routine.

Here’s how you, as a parent, can help your child to prepare him for safe transition to one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad.

Talk to the child about preschool regularly:

Communication is the key to making your child comfortable in a new setting. Start talking about what children do in a pre-school? Why children go to preschool? Show him pictures of activities done in preschool? This will help the child to be excited to go to preschool.

Visit the preschool with your child before the first day:

Your little one must become familiar with the surroundings of the preschool. This will help him in getting comfortable with the environment of one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad, teachers and his class. Show your child the colourful bulletin boards of the preschool, the toys available in the preschool, the play area of the preschool. If required, take help of the class teacher and interact with the child. Break the ice with the teacher. Ensure that your child knows his teacher before he comes to preschool.

Read books about preschool:

Nowadays many books are available which can come handy to prepare your child for preschool. As a parent, you would know your child’s favourite character, pick the book of your child’s favourite cartoon going to pre-primary school and read it to him every night. This will help your child to get accustomed to preschool. In case you don’t find your child’s favourite character book in the market, you can create one by using stickers and a plain book.

Buy Pre-school uniform and stationery together:

Once you enrol your child for one of the best pre-primary school in Ahmedabad, you would get a list of things the child needs to bring to preschool daily. Shop for your child’s preschool essentials together. Name it as preschool shopping and let your child enjoy the shopping experience. Label his preschool belongings, be it his bottle, bag or school uniform.

Practise at home:

Once you have enrolled your child to a preschool, you would get plenty of time to prepare your child at home for preschool. You can encourage your child to dress or undress himself. Motivate your child to speak up for his washroom needs. Teach your child to undress, wash hands regulary.These things may sound silly but once your child is in one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad, this practice  would help your child to express himself/herself  and remain independent in preschool.

Stick charts of school routine:  It is difficult to get your little one into preschool routine at once. Hence start practisingpreschool routine beforehand. Create small preschool charts and stick in the child’s room. The child can be made aware of  things to do before going to preschool in the morning.


Following charts can be stuck step wise

Using colourful images you can create small charts and stick on a wall in your child’s home with a caption ‘Prepping for Pre-School’. This visual representation shall help him in adjusting to the new pre-school routine. You can start the same at home a few days early before the school. Wake the child as per school timings, and follow the chart. This will motivate the child to stick to a routine and on the D-day your child will be ready within minutes for his preschool.

Good preschools in Ahmedabad provide special counselling sessions to toddlers as well as parents to ease out separation anxiety. Not only that, they also organise special events with parents during the initial days of the preschool to help the child adjust in the new surroundings. Make your child’s preschool days memorable by enrolling him in one of the best/leading schools in Ahmedabad. The best gift as a parent you can give to your toddler is quality education with world class facilities and a safe environment to bloom.


How does Preschool benefit a child?

There are many questions in a parent’s mind before enrolling their little one in a preschool. First and foremost is “Does the child need a school”, sometimes the other question that pops up is why does she need a preschool? Well, the answer is that good preschools in Ahmedabad prepare young toddlers for their future academic and social success.

Let’s share some major benefits for your toddler to join a preschool.

1. Children learn to interact with strangers.

Children learn to interact with strangers.
Children in a playschool or a day-care learn to follow instructions, mingle with people other than their mothers or fathers. So they get in the habit of talking and discussing with teachers in the school. They learn to share, follow instructions and hence, a foundation is laid, which will be beneficial for the child when he or she enrols for formal education.

2. Preschool offers a balanced curriculum.

As the child becomes independent and starts to learn new things, parents are often confused about what to teach the child? Sometimes due to the influence of family and friends, it becomes difficult for the parents to create a balanced curriculum at home.

3. Preschool prepares them for admissions in good schools of Ahmedabad

The curriculum in an ideal preschool prepares children for admissions to other leading schools in Ahmedabad like Zebar School and Udgam School. However, if a parent wishes to enrol the child in an International school, then also the kind of exposure the child get he or she can easily get into any leading CBSE or IB school in Ahmedabad.

4. Personal attention in preschool.
Personal attention in preschool.
Good preschools ensure that toddlers feel cared for and secure with teachers.
An idea preschool has two teachers in each class, and each child is provided with personal attention. Activities like circle time, storytelling, reading time give the child plenty of opportunities to interact with teachers and classmates. This helps in creating a close personal rapport with each child in their class.

5. Toddlers learn Social and Emotional Skills in a preschool.

Children between the ages of 2 to 6 learn social skills and emotional self- control through experience. Hence our expert teachers and counsellors in the school continually guide young children in school to control their emotions and manage their anger. The professionally qualified counsellors create activities for “teachable moments” which help young children learn to handle frustrations or anger. Without insulting the child, they make them realize the impact of their good or bad behaviour on their friends.

6. Structured Environment in a Preschool helps children to adjust to Big Schools.

Pre-schoolers learn discipline, orderliness and are more confident if they are raised in a structured environment. Similarly, if a toddler attends an ideal preschool having a structured environment wherein there is appropriate guidance provided to them at every step helps them bloom in big schools.

7. Children learn about real-life situations in a Preschool.

An ideal preschool usually teaches children to learn to take care of themselves and others through the planned activities in the school. Events like ‘No-flame Cooking Sessions’ engage them in ‘real work’ and they learn to appreciate food and the work done by others. Similarly, the food cooked by them is offered to the Vice-Principal and heads of the school. This small gesture makes them understand basic Indian Traditional values like ‘Sharing and Respecting Elders’.

8. Preschool teaches toddlers to be independent and socially responsible.

In preschool, children are taught about basic hygiene, cleanliness and social responsibility as a future citizen of this country. ‘Clean-Up time’ is an everyday activity in which children clean the classrooms and put their toys in place after playing in school. Such activities make them responsible for the cleanliness and things around them. They learn how to keep their surroundings at home or in public places clean.

9. Children develop language skills in preschool

During the toddler years, a child’s vocabulary proliferates. The child can speak small sentences, and after that, he can quickly start conversing using long and complex sentences. This is a crucial language milestone for your child. So choose a school which has well-qualified teachers who speak fluent English and provide language learning opportunities to toddlers. Children should be engaged in exciting word games and reading games, storytelling, role-play and puppet activities apart from the regular poem and reading sessions with the teachers.

10. Preschool encourages out of the box thinking in toddlers

A preschool is also a place which nurtures a child’s curiosity. In an ideal preschool or good preschool teachers observe, ask questions and listen to children’s answers during their activity sessions. To nurture their curiosity and ignite a love for learning, teachers design activities for the children. Activities like ‘Me on The Map’, Special Assemblies and Hands-On activities trigger the child’s critical thinking and higher-order thinking skills. An ideal preschool provides plenty of chances to the little ones for discovery and self-learning.

11. Preschools offer Maths skills.

Preschools offer Maths skills
To prepare toddlers and young children for the demands of formal schooling, Preschools offer a wide variety of games and activities that help the young children grasp the pre-math skills.

Children are exposed to matching games, sorting games, counting games as well as board games. These games help in a basic understanding of numbers, categories and sequences which helps in creating interest in Mathematics as a subject.

12. Preschools help in the development of fine motor skills.

Motor skills in preschool are developed through threading beads, scissors cutting, lacing and pom-pom activities. These activities improve hand-eye coordination and also enhance the pincer grip of the students.

So choose a preschool wisely as it shall lay the foundation for the academic success of your child.

Choose the best for your little one

A new-born child is the center of attraction for the parents and grandparents. The apple of the eye slowly starts crawling, taking support and starts to walk. Usually, it’s the mother who takes the lead responsibility of raising the child. But nowadays, the new trend of the hands-on father has emerged wherein the fathers are more well-read, well prepared for their bundle of joy.

As the child starts moving around in the house and starts eating healthy food and stops eating semi-solid food, the child enters into an age where he feels the need for more friends. This particular need for friends, daily new activities and a routine is very much necessary for parents as children nowadays get bored quickly. Even after buying vast quantities of toys, and activity books children don’t feel satisfied or enjoy them.

Everyday keeping the child entertained at home becomes a task or sometimes a challenge for the parents irrespective of whether the mother is working or not. The other problem which most of the parents face nowadays is the habit of toddlers to get hooked to television, mobiles or tablets. Sometimes given for a couple of minutes, initially slowly turns into a practice.

So if your child has been potty trained, can understand basic instructions given by the parents. If the child has started mingling with the visitors at home, then parents can take a sound decision of enrolling the child in the best preschool in Ahmedabad. The ideal age to enrol your child in a pre-primary school is after your child’s second birthday.

The benefits of enrolling your child in a Playschool are enormous. The major ones are toddler learns to make new friends. He gets engaged in the playschool, which keeps the child’s energies channelized positively.

Moreover, apart from making new friends, children learn fundamental human values of sharing, caring, companionship and teamwork in a preschool. Nowadays preschools are mushroomed in every nook and corner of the city but choose the best preschool in Ahmedabad which gives your child proper education in all aspects.

The preschool you select at the time of admission should have the same amount of comfort which your little one has at home. So if your child has a habit of staying in AC rooms from his birth, choose an AC school for your bundle of joy.

Indian parents are very conscious of the type of food they are giving to their little ones. The food prepared at Indian homes is usually fresh and using the best ingredients. Similarly, at school, our toddlers get a home-cooked meal in their snack time as we adhere to strict measures of quality control and hygiene in our school kitchen.

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Choose a preschool or a daycare based on the facilities, the teachers and the exposure they are giving to your little one.

Bodakdev School for Children is one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad, India and has all the essential features which an ideal preschool has for toddlers in Ahmedabad — nurturing environment, warm and friendly teachers, clean and hygienic classrooms, healthy snacks and overall a plethora of activities to keep your little ones busy and engaged for three hours in a day.

Apart from the infrastructure, the preschool has a wide range of attractive wooden toys sourced from all over the world. Playgroup (Early Child Care) children get unstructured playtime as our motto is ‘Play is the highest form of research’. Children have sand play sessions, cooking sessions and celebrations which make their toddler years memorable. What are you waiting for book an appointment and check the newest preschool in Ahmedabad for your toddler?