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Preschool in Ahmedabad with approved syllabus

The curriculum taught in the school is according to NCERT. This practice was put in place before NEP was announced. The main focus of the syllabus is on three goals that are maintaining good health and wellbeing, developing communication skills and encouraging ‘involved learning’ and connecting children to their immediate environment.

Free Homeopathy medicines and consultation

The school gives free homoeopathy consultation and medicines to all students and parents. Homoeopathy works well with children as they are prone to frequent cough and cold, mood issues and bedwetting related cases.

Anubhuti homoeopathy clinic has a team of qualified doctors who have several years of experience in handling young children.


Top Notch trainings and facilities for teachers

Bodakdev  School motivated all the teaching and non-teaching staff during this pandemic through its various initiatives.

Laptop loans were sanctioned for teachers to buy laptops/ desktops for conducting virtual classes from home.

Free Work at home Internet Pack from Jio has been given to all teachers to resolve bandwidth issues.

The staff attended more than 12 hours of online training from MS Teams, ExtraMarks and many reputed trainers of the country for making digital learning smooth for our students.

The school gives training budgets to each teacher, and it encourages them to take up various training courses.

The number of working days has been increased to keep the students engaged during the pandemic. Staff have been given the flexibility to work from home and work remotely for their safety.

Health and life insurance

Entire staff has been medically insured with a   package worth Rs Three lakhs. This package includes all medical emergencies, including COVID.

Similarly, all employees have been provided with a life cover worth Rs Ten lakhs. This life insurance policy would be given in case of untimely death and COVID Death.

The school bore the cost of health insurance and life insurance.

Smooth Transition to Primary

Bodakdev follows all the protocols laid by NCERT for preschool curriculum.
The main features that are followed
1) Parameters for infrastructure
2) Qualifications of preschool staff
3) Admission process and records
4) Coordination and conversations with parents
5) Addressing issues of each child related to early learning
6) Major goals of NCERT that include key concepts/skills, pedagogical process and learning outcomes for children