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Children Start Learning Coding Concepts At 4 Years

What is coding?
Coding is the science of writing instructions for a computer to create apps, websites, and software. It helps young children in developing logical thinking, problem-solving and critical thinking. These skills are necessary for children as they are growing up in a techno-savvy world.
Knowledge of coding is equally crucial, like English and Maths. Children are more inclined towards digital devices and providing knowledge related to the tools they regularly use at home or in school helps them to remain in touch with the outside world.

How coding is introduced in BSFC?

Coding is introduced in Bodakdev School with the help of many activities in each computer session. Small challenges are handed out to the children in which children think about a problem, try to solve it and discuss the probable solutions. Pattern activity, sequencing pictures, find the difference, Algorithm, find the odd one out and many other exciting activities. These fun and engaging activities help them to grasp the skills required for coding in future.

The school has also included Yash and Yashika Learn about Coding books in its computer curriculum. These books are a two-part story cum activity books for pre-schoolers in the 4-6 age group.


Benefits of teaching coding to pre-schoolers

  • Coders will be in demand – We are currently in the midst of a computer revolution era. A child’s chances of a meaningful career will improve with coding. Jobs related to Artificial Intelligence(AI) and computing are growing at a fast pace. In the next ten years, Computer programmers will earn 40% more than an average college graduate.
  • Coding knowledge allows the child to comprehend the world in a better way- People are addicted to video games, laptops, PC and social media. Basic coding knowledge will help the child understand and interact with technology more systematically.
  • Coding improves creativity- Coding helps in developing apps, mobile games and websites. Coding is like learning a new language. Computer coding will give the power to the child to create his/her website, app or video game. It can become a creative outlet for this child.
  • Coding enhances problem-solving skills- Coding teaches how to tackle complex problems by breaking them into smaller parts. It helps preschoolers to learn and imagine how to approach various issues using logic and computational thinking.
  • Coding increases persistence: Learning to code is like learning new something every day, when children start coding, they come across many complicated problems, they make mistakes while solving them, and this can be irritating. Coding teaches them the crucial skill of persistence when they come across such challenges.
  • Coding improves communication-Communication is a must-have skill that can be developed only during the preschool years. To communicate complex ideas in simpler terms, coding comes handy. When children learn to code, they master the skill of how to communicate with computers. This improves their communication skills, and they learn newer ways of presenting their thoughts.
  • Coding strengthens academic performance- Apart from computational thinking and critical thinking, coding helps in developing problem-solving skills, creativity, mathematical thinking and planning. All these new skills shall help the young children in their academics too.

 Opportunities for coding would rise in future. It would be a must-have skill in the coming twenty years. There will be a gap between those who know to code and those who do not know to code. To bridge that gap, the school has made coding a part of the preschool curriculum. It shall help students to not only consume technology but to create it too as it would be a necessary skill in a tech-driven world.

Preschool in Ahmedabad with approved syllabus

The curriculum taught in the school is according to NCERT. This practice was put in place before NEP was announced. The main focus of the syllabus is on three goals that are maintaining good health and wellbeing, developing communication skills and encouraging ‘involved learning’ and connecting children to their immediate environment.

Free Homeopathy medicines and consultation

The school gives free homoeopathy consultation and medicines to all students and parents. Homoeopathy works well with children as they are prone to frequent cough and cold, mood issues and bedwetting related cases.

Anubhuti homoeopathy clinic has a team of qualified doctors who have several years of experience in handling young children.


Top Notch trainings and facilities for teachers

Bodakdev  School motivated all the teaching and non-teaching staff during this pandemic through its various initiatives.

Laptop loans were sanctioned for teachers to buy laptops/ desktops for conducting virtual classes from home.

Free Work at home Internet Pack from Jio has been given to all teachers to resolve bandwidth issues.

The staff attended more than 12 hours of online training from MS Teams, ExtraMarks and many reputed trainers of the country for making digital learning smooth for our students.

The school gives training budgets to each teacher, and it encourages them to take up various training courses.

The number of working days has been increased to keep the students engaged during the pandemic. Staff have been given the flexibility to work from home and work remotely for their safety.

Health and life insurance

Entire staff has been medically insured with a   package worth Rs Three lakhs. This package includes all medical emergencies, including COVID.

Similarly, all employees have been provided with a life cover worth Rs Ten lakhs. This life insurance policy would be given in case of untimely death and COVID Death.

The school bore the cost of health insurance and life insurance.

Smooth Transition to Primary

Bodakdev follows all the protocols laid by NCERT for preschool curriculum.
The main features that are followed
1) Parameters for infrastructure
2) Qualifications of preschool staff
3) Admission process and records
4) Coordination and conversations with parents
5) Addressing issues of each child related to early learning
6) Major goals of NCERT that include key concepts/skills, pedagogical process and learning outcomes for children