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Free licensed MS Office

BSFC provides free licensed MS Office to each child during this phase of digital learning.

Some of the key benefits are

  1. Students of pre-primary can access the online version of MS Office, which includes MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access.
  2. This add on advantage keeps the child safe while working online to submit projects.
  3. It also teaches a habit of using licensed software.

Microsoft Teams based classrooms

Microsoft Teams is the best tool that enables teachers to connect and communicate with toddlers and conduct classes in a safe virtual environment.

Here are some of the features of the MS Team classrooms

Using a large gallery view of MS Teams toddlers can view their entire class and meet their friends virtually.

  1. It also makes them feel as if they are sitting in their class, and hence we provide a real virtual experience to young children.
  2. Assignments and videos are shared regularly for toddlers to practice at home.
  3. Parents can access different channels for different projects.
  4. Individual channels are created for resources and video content curated by teachers.