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myON – Access to Digital Library

Bodakdev School has a tie-up with the myON-Digital library. The online library has a collection of more than 5,000 books.

Advantages of the library are

  1. Toddlers remain engaged with built-in graphics and audio support that are specifically designed for young children with pre-reading skills.
  2. Parents can check what skills and subskills toddlers have learnt, where they need help in reading, and what they are ready to read next- all aligned to age and standards.
  3. The digital library can forecast a toddlers’ growth to see if they are on the right track to become a proficient reader. Parents can catch and remediate reading issues at an early age.

Blended learning with ExtraMarks

The preschool offers a perfect blend of live classes and project-based activities for toddlers. It has a collaboration with ExtraMarks that assists young children to continue learning from home.

The Extra Marks kids learning is built on the unique concept of Tap, Learn and Play.

Here are some benefits of ExtraMarks for pre-schoolers.

  1. Extramarks kids consist of series of games, rhymes, stories and many exciting features that help in developing many skills in the toddlers.
  2. Age-Specific learning content is available in Extra Marks.
  3. The games-based platform of learning activities helps in the development of brain and creativity in young children.
  4. It keeps the young children engaged for hours.