Father’s Day at ‘Sparkles’ – Special Class

A father’s selfless love is crucial in nurturing a child. To celebrate the accomplishments and efforts of the daddies, they were invited to be a part of father’s day celebrations at the school recently. The daddies spent quality time with their little ones in the school during which they interacted with their teachers and also participated in the various activities like fitness, music, sand play and card activity. Our gifted tiny tots of ‘Sparkles’ gave them handmade gifts too. The daddies appreciated the school’s role in creating such events as it teaches the children to value human relationships and family.
21st June is a special day when people of all ages come together and perform Yoga in different places in the world. Our little ones from Bodakdev too joined in the celebration and performed simple asanas, child pose, butterfly and frog pose with the help of their experienced educators. A small session of meditation and mantra chanting was also conducted to calm their minds in the school.

This was an initiative to teach the habits of exercise and encourage them to adopt Yoga for a healthy body, mind and soul.The toddlers of nursery thoroughly enjoyed the session, which was evident through their gleaming