Find out the benefits of online classes for a pre-schooler.

Do you know that in Ahmedabad, Bodakdev School is one of the best preschools and was coincidentally one of the first in the city to start virtual learning for its pre-schoolers?

The school has tech-savvy teachers who prepare each lesson beforehand.

The school with more than 300+ students who are studying in various sections of Playgroup, Nursery, Junior KG, as well as Senior KG, has been helping and guiding children virtually.

Do toddlers enjoy online classes? Is a common question that comes in our minds? Well, actually it is interesting and exciting for toddlers as well as young children.

Each online class is tailored as per the child’s age and requirement. Each day is a new day for the toddlers of each class. Age-appropriate online activities are held every day.

Young children look forward to meeting their friends and teachers virtually. Teachers innovate, reinvent teaching as well as learning methods for the pre-schoolers.

Virtual classes are designed to be a fun and productive manner for toddlers to keep in touch with the outside world. It includes live lessons with the teachers and self-study activities to be completed at home before and after each live class with the help of parents.

Bodakdev School is committed, ensuring that all students in online classes study in a safe and supportive environment, and our platform MS Teams incorporates several features that are designed to keep young children safe while they are online.

Apart from the exciting and engaging classes, there is one significant benefit of the online class for a pre-schooler is developing social skills. Man is a social animal, and he learns by interacting with others.

Online classes of Bodakdev School are the perfect solution for the young children. The daily communication with teachers, talking time, circle time, rhyme time, storytime and expression time help the child interact with teachers and friends.

The virtual classes comprise of many different types of activities that help the children to remain in touch with their friends. Storytelling using puppets, language-based activities, sessions for various activities like dance, music, basic physical exercise or games too, are held.

Creative activities too, are held regularly for young children. Toddlers are taught to use things available at home to make craft items.

In Playgroup, educational content developed by our early educators is shared with each parent. Each activity is designed in a specific area of child development to allow the child to flourish in their overall mental and physical development. Since our experts lead our curriculum for online classes, every online activity is in continuation with previous online class and helps the child to excel in age-appropriate skills. The online classes of Bodakdev are an extension of our curriculum that is used in our physical classes.

The motto of Bodakdev School shall always remain to make childhood learning enjoyable and meaningful for the pre-schoolers of Ahmedabad.

Adapting new styles of virtual teaching makes the sessions enjoyable as well as exciting for the little ones is the main reason why Bodakdev School has become the top online preschool of Ahmedabad.

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