How to teach toddlers at home?

Your cute adorable chubby cherub is finally at home and is turning out to be cranky, sometimes aggressive and is becoming difficult to handle too.

The new normal has thrown new challenges for the parents of toddlers. The biggest problem parents face is to keep the little one engaged the whole day.

Here are some tips and tricks curated by educators of one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad for you to teach your toddler at home.

1) Fix up a place for online class – A place for online class helps to set the daily routine and the expectation that it is time to study. It can be the corner of your dinner table, a place in the study area or a simple folding table. Ensure there is good lighting for the child to attend the online class.

2) Collect materials that will be required beforehand

As a parent, it is your responsibility to prepare for the online class. Stationery and other things needed for the class have to be arranged. Some suggestions for things to have on the study table; pencils, sharpener, erasers, paint if required. Buy attractive boxes, stationery holders, or desk organisers. You can order online, or you can make from old cardboard at home. It is also recommended a separate bookshelf for your little one or a separate file/folder for each subject.

3) Check the school portal daily

Teachers usually provide details in advance about the next class. You can prepare the material accordingly for the class. If required, you can email and ask for information, don’t be hesitant. It would come handy when your child attends the virtual class of Bodakdev School.

4) Set a routine for online class

Many things are totally dependent on the parents, and one of the most important things is setting a routine for an online class for a toddler. Hence, it is necessary to follow a regular school routine for an online class too.

For example, please keep the same wake-up time, the same breakfast ritual, the usual bathroom routine for a pre-schooler(special focus should be on hand washing) and motivate them to get dressed for their online class. You can also encourage your child to wear their school uniform daily.

5) Plan the day

Make your child your partner and ask the child how he/she would like to spend the day. Involve the child in the day. Create  a schedule and stick it near to his eye level. Set a time for each activity. In case your child is a bit older and can do some drawing/painting independently, then you can use that time to complete your pending tasks. Setting a time limit for each task would make your day productive. Use the Pomodoro technique for effective time management.

6) Long teaching hours v/s short teaching hours

As a policy at Bodakdev School, we do not have online classes beyond 40 minutes for young children. Similarly at home too, you can break your teaching time with your child. Keep it not more than thirty minutes as your child may lose interest.

You can combine nursery rhymes or stories with exercise time. Try to engage your child in physical exercise with you. As children are at home, they must be involved in any form of physical activity. Storytelling or nursery rhymes along with exercise would be a great stress buster for you and your little one too.

7) Learning opportunities exist everywhere

Parents need to remain in touch with educators of Bodakdev School. Keep communicating and asking questions to your child’s teachers. Find out what are the key concepts in each week for your pre-schooler. Ask them how you can teach them in various ways at home. The trained educators in one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad have a vast knowledge. You should take advantage of their expertise and ask them to help you out.

8) Learning beyond Curriculum

There are many opportunities for a child to learn at home. During gardening the child can observe the plants and learn about various parts of plants, play with water and learn about water and its properties, conduct simple at home science experiments, play hide and seek, treasure hunt, sing rhymes loudly for fun, learn alphabets with using clay, make animals with dough or kinetic sand. All these activities will enhance your child’s knowledge.

9) Stay Connected with your child’s friends: The main reason why children miss their school is their friends. Try to organise virtual parties for your child, connect your child with their class friends virtually. Parents can also arrange theme-based virtual play dates and enjoy with their child’s friends. This would be a great way to stay in touch for the little ones with their buddies.

10) Every day is a new day

It is not necessary that every day is going to be a fantastic day and you and your little one are going to accomplish whatever learning activities you had planned. Don’t worry; learning at home is different. Sometimes you may be able to notice what you had taught your child, and sometimes it would take time for your child to understand and apply whatever the child has learnt with you the previous day. Repetition with toddlers is the key to success.

Learning is a never-ending process. Don’t panic if kids don’t respond or don’t learn just now. Keep a record of things you have taught to the child at home. You can ask your child’s teacher to ask your child those topics during the online class. Sometimes children feel shy or don’t want to discuss the same topic with parents but at the same time are enthusiastic to share it with their teachers in online class. You can also click pictures and videos of learning at home and share with your school. They will also become lovely memories for you. After some time, they can be a wonderful resource of your child’s learning milestones with you.

The main message from the above tips was that learning at home should be enjoyable for both parents and the child. If it becomes a bone of contentment, then you need to talk to the school about it. Right now, the most important thing for a parent should be your relationship with your child. Strike a balance between learning, time with your child and your unconditional love for your little one. Enjoy this precious time with your little darling.