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Toshin Vora

I am Toshin Vora, Mother of Aara Vora. I would like to appreciate all the efforts of...

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Father of Armin Sethi

I want to take the opportunity to thank the management of Bodakdev School for Children. The teachers...

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Hetansh Arora – Nursery D

Hello Shikha ma’am and Rupal ma’am, I appreciate the hard work of all teachers to make every...

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Father of Bhavy Karan Bhudrani

All teachers support my child and Bhavy enjoys all the classes. Whenever we send emails to teachers,...

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Mother of Pranali Patel

The school efforts are speechless, and management of the school is fantastic. Teachers are very cooperative who...

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Preeti Chaudhary mother of Praneel Chaudhary

I appreciate the idea of Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting during these uncertain times. Because through this, I...

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Mother of Reya Patel

I am very thankful to all the teachers for conducting online classes. In these situations, the online...

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Khira Shah

I am Dhara Shah parent of Khira Shah studying in Nursery D.The concept of Virtual classes was...

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Swara’s Grandfather

We are thankful to school teachers and staff for inviting Grandparents in Navratri celebrations. I attended this...

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Vansh Mehta’s Mother

I am the mother of Vansh Mehta. He is in Playgroup (Early Child Care) A. I am...

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Siya Thakkar’s Father

I am Janak Thakkar, and my daughter’s name is Siya Thakkar. She is doing well and is...

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Rudransh Vyas’s Father

Hi, I am the father of Rudransh Vyas. He is studying in Junior F. As far his...

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Rehet’s Father

My daughter’s name is Rehet Ahuja. She is in PG A .  While we talk about the...

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Piya’s Mother

My daughter’s name is Piya Soni. She is in Playgroup (Early Child Care) A. Before entering school;...

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Himaani’s Mother

Hello, my daughter’s name is Himani Agarwal. It’s a pleasure to have her in BSFC. The school...

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Dhyan ‘s Mother

Hi, I am Nirali Panchal, Dhyan ‘s mother. Earlier, he was very cranky, but after three to...

Satish Bhatt

Very good school building. Project work done by students is nicely displayed. A very big mirror and...

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Maan’s Father

Kapil Kumar Ramchandani Thank you so much for inviting me. It was a very good gesture. We...

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Viraaj’s Father

Viraaj Bikash Mandal It was a nice experience to spend time together with Viraaj in school. It...

I am satisfied with the online classes that Bodakdev School for Children is conducting during this pandemic. Taking online classes for small kids is difficult, but both the teachers patiently and creatively have worked out to give their best to my child.
Making small kids focus on screen is not an easy task, and I am personally pleased the way these classes are taking shape gradually. Thank you to the class teachers for their efforts.

Student Name – Neil Kumar
Class – Junior KG B
Mother’s Name – Natasha

My child loves Bodakdev School and the various activities conducted by the teachers like music, academic and extracurricular activities. The teachers take care of each child, and my son loves talking to his teachers.

Name of the child – Kiyan Thakkar
Class – Senior KG B
Mother’s name – Monika Thakkar

I like the way the school conducts online classes. I am also comfortable with the present duration of the virtual class.

Name of child- Aahi Pandey
Name of Parent- Alka Pandey
Class- Senior B

Teachers of Bodakdev School are very hardworking. I appreciate their efforts in keeping the children engaged in their virtual classes. My child enjoys attending the e- class. A big thank you to all the teachers of Bodakdev School.

Name of the child- Praheel Ajay Malik( SID 191117) of the class Junior Kg B.
Name of the parent- Ajay Malik
Class – Junior KG B

Jiana is very comfortable with her teachers Dimple ma’am and Priya ma’am.My daughter loves to interact with them during the class.

Name of the child- Jiana Desai
Class – Junior KG F
Parents Name- Dhaval Desai

We are having a pleasant experience with Virtual Classes. The teachers come up with great interacting activities. I thank all of them for their cooperation.

Name of student- Krishivaa Shrey Patel
Class- Junior KG F
Name of Parent- Shrey Patel

During this pandemic, teachers of Bodakdev School are doing a great job. They provide daily worksheets for the children and also conduct live classes. I appreciate the efforts of the teachers. Thank you, teachers, for encouraging my child to attend virtual classes.

Name of the parent- Ruchi Shah
Name of the child – Pal Shah
Class- Junior D

I am Komal Patel, mother of Pahal Patel Junior KG A. I want to say thank you to all teaching staff for their efforts. We can understand how difficult a task it is to teach online to such small children. But teachers are doing their best to make the session exciting for concept clarity. I want to thank the management for taking such a fantastic step of providing Extra marks activity for revision to make their ideas more clear. You are sending worksheets and videos, which is helpful for children to learn further. Again thank you so much and continue your efforts. From our side, we are always there for your support.

Name of the child- Pahal Patel
Name of the parent- Komal Patel

We are delighted that we choose BSFC for our child. We are incredibly thankful to the staff for your co-operation and support towards our child.
Your efforts are speechless, and every time the school keeps on introducing new activities that are very crucial for the development of the child. My daughter Pranali is very happy and feels comfortable with the teachers because of their caring nature. She has learnt many new things in her virtual classes. Thank you so much for your support and guidance.

Child’s name: Pranali Patel
Class : Early Child Care – B
Name of the parent- Minoli Patel

Dear Kavita and Monika ma’am
Thank you for teaching me online. I used to think that I could never understand or interested in this mode. Thank you for making learning fun.
I was going through a rough time in lockdown, but through online classes, it added interest, and you all have a very different style of teaching that helps to learn quickly.
You are organised, caring and enthusiastic about what you do.
Keep continuing, and a big thank you for motivating me.

Name of the child – Reeva Nenwani
Class – Junior C

Thank you for putting all your efforts in online classes. It is a very challenging task to do so when the audience or the children are four-year-olds. I appreciate all efforts and hard work of the teachers who are putting it daily. I attended the virtual PTM, and it was good to interact with all school teachers directly. I appreciate that teachers are only conversing in English with the children during all the online lectures. It is beneficial for children in the long term.

Name of the child – Maahir Patel
Father’s name- Sandip Patel
Class- Nursery E