Top Activities for toddlers in Bodakdev School for Playgroup (Early Child Care) and Nursery.

“Play is the highest form of research”, this quote by Albert Einstein aptly suggests what the educators at Bodakdev School believe in and so we have many activities which help the toddlers to enjoy his/ her childhood years. Pre-School is a place of adventures, growth and play-based learning for toddlers. The main motive in one of the largest preschools of Ahmedabad is to support the toddlers’ innate curiosity, eagerness to learn new things and their love of communication with their peers. The learning environment is designed to motivate interest and continually challenge the thinking of toddlers.

Here’s a list of wonderful preschool activities that are held regularly in one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad.

Sand Play Activity

Sand Play

Sand play is absolute fun and is considered a crucial toddler activity. Nowadays, with urbanisation, there are very few places where the little ones get to play in the sand. Toddlers in one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad scoop, dig, pour and sift with sand. The numerous sand toys which they get in the school help them in building their muscles and coordination. Sand play with their classmates, teaches them about teamwork, sharing and social skills.

Water Play

Toddlers of Playgroup and Nursery enjoy different types of water activities
as it is a favourite activity of pre-schoolers. Water spray, water painting, ice painting, shifting water from big containers to small containers etc. are some of the preschool water activities. All conducted in a safe environment with understanding of basic concepts of water such as volume. It also makes the toddlers understand that every action has a result. Water activities at the age from 2 to 4 are perfect for improving hand-eye coordination, physical strength too.

Sessions with Clay

Toddlers of Bodakdev School of Playgroup and Nursery are provided with good quality clay in school for their clay sessions. They create letters and make basic shapes such as square, rectangle, and circle with clay. Clay sessions are the perfect exercise for development of fine motor skills of toddlers. It also provides them with ample opportunities to interact with their classmates.

Role Play

Role Play activities in the preschool widen the imagination of the pre-schoolers. In one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad, role-play activities are conducted by educators. It helps them to understand the world around them. Recently a role play was held in which teachers had dressed up as family members to make the young ones understand the importance of grandparents and extended family members.

Creative Art sessions and craft sessions

Creative Art sessions and craft sessions

Art sessions ignite the imagination of little minds. It also gives them a deeper understanding of colours, type of shapes and also freedom to express themselves freely. Every festival at Bodakdev School has a special art and craft activity that makes the toddlers understand the traditions associated with the festival. At their age, the main focus in these sessions is to teach them sticking and pasting and encourage their creativity.

Blocks and Shape Sorters

All the different type of blocks and shape sorters which are necessary for the toddlers at this age are provided to them in their play sessions in school. This playtime improves the visuo-spatial ability of the pre-schoolers. In addition to that, it improves logical reasoning, ordering and recognising various shapes, sizes and colours around them.

Music, Dancing and Singing

All these three creative skills are taught to the toddlers at Bodakdev School. Dancing helps them to free their mind from negative emotions, whereas music and singing help them in improvising their vocabulary and listening skills. Dancing also enhances their physical movement and is a good exercise for toddlers.

Indoor Play

Bodakdev preschool has tied up with leading sports agency which keeps toddlers busy in their classrooms. Nowadays, with a lack of green area in the city, toddlers usually miss their playtime at home. During their school, they have a whale of a time with the sports educators who give them a large variety of props to play. These indoor safe and age-appropriate challenges increase their confidence as well as improve their gross motor skills too.

Sensory Play

Sensory Play

Sensory play activities are those that involve touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. It helps them to explore and investigate the world around them. Toddlers do this naturally as they can’t read or write, and they learn through activities in one of the best preschools of Ahmedabad. Young children of Playgroup and Nursery have many sessions of sense of touch and feel that helps in development of their five sense organs. For toddlers of Nursery sessions on tasting food on the basis of three categories of sweet, salty and spicy are held regularly.

Basic Board Games

Toddlers of Playgroup and Nursery are given two piece puzzles, matching colour puzzles and puzzles based on sorting animals and birds. All these puzzles with beautiful images help them to understand the beautiful world around them.

Apart from these main activities, there are several field visits in the entire year, story telling sessions, celebrations with family members and much more. We at Bodakdev School ensure that our toddlers enjoy their formative years with us.