About Us

Bodakdev School for Children is one of the newest preschools in Ahmedabad. The school is managed by Udgam Consultancy which has decades experience of managing schools – like Zebar School for Children and  Satellite School for Children. The birth of Bodakdev School took place when a philanthropist felt an absence of a world-class preschool in the Bodakdev area. He envisioned a school that offered high-quality and progressive education for children between the age group of 2 and 6.

The preschool identifies and nurtures the natural talent of its children and makes learning a matter of sheer joy. It lays equal emphasis on playing as well as learning which prepares for the holistic development of pre-schoolers.

Udgam Consultancy is a management consultancy company which sets the strategic direction and monitors the performance of the school to match it to specific standards laid down by the directors and advisors. It is not involved in any day to day administrative decisions of the school.
Udgam Consultancy’s advisors also help with the management of two leading schools of Ahmedabad – Udgam School for Children and Zebar School for Children. However, the school or the trustees of Bodakdev School for Children are not related to the directors, employees or shareholders of Udgam Consultancy.

Bodakdev School for Children is a professionally managed independent Pre-school. The school is not associated, affiliated or attached to any primary school in Ahmedabad.

Our Campus
The location of the school has been carefully chosen after a lot of deliberation and research. An ideal preschool should be in proximity of densely populated residential areas having families with children,as parents prefer sending their children nearby for their early schooling. The school is in the heart of the city which makes it convenient for parents to drop and pick up their children from the school. CCTV cameras and trained security personnel monitor the campus throughout the day giving parents complete peace of mind.

School Amenities
Our school is designed in a way that preschool children will have opportunity to learn through playing. The school building itself acts as a learning aid. The facilities available in the campus are

  • Spacious and Smart Classrooms
  • A well-stocked Library
  • Computer laboratory
  • Homeopathy Clinic
  • Child friendly furniture
  • Child friendly toilets
  • Waterless and Odourless
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • AC Classrooms
  • Sound proof Doors and Windows
  • AC Buses with female Attendants
  • Hygienic and freshly cooked food under the personal supervision of Vice-Principal. The menu is designed by leading nutritionist of the city, to inculcate healthy eating habits.

Our Mission
Bodakdev School strives to provide a safe, homely environment to nurture young children with active, creative minds with the courage to act on their beliefs with a sense of understanding and compassion for others. The school emphasizes on the holistic development of each child’s spiritual, moral, intellectual,socio-emotional and physical ability.