The building is new, modern and colorful. We stress on infrastructure design as it is believed to influence student attitudes, behavior and learning.The architecture of the school attracts children towards the school, increases peer learning opportunities and promotes activities by making the entire campus a child friendly one.

Special Care is taken to supervise and maintain-

  • Right Lighting – The school uses LED Lights in the campus.
  • Clean and comfortable air quality- All the 28 classrooms have been fitted with 4 ton Toshiba Cassette AC
  • Safety and Security- The school and the classrooms are monitored through HD CCTV cameras with night vision.
  • Sound acoustics- All the classrooms have false ceilings. This helps in maintain the quality of teaching in the class. Children will not be distracted by outside noise or disturbances.
  • Sensory stimulation harmony through use of colorful patterns on wall and floors.