Bodakdev School for Children charges a single comprehensive fee so that parents can budget for their child’s education. The school doesn’t charge extra fees for any of the compulsory activities.

The fees mentioned here do not include cost of uniform and transportation. The School does not provide these products/ services and parents are free to procure them from open market.

Fees Structure
All data are in Rupees unless specified.

For the Academic Year (2021-22) Morning Shift (9.00am to 1.00pm)
Registration (One Time) Annual Fees Deposit (Refundable) First chq (current date)
Early Child Care (ECC)11.00am to 2.00pm NIL 66,160 10,000 26,540
Nursery 25,000 66,160 10,000 51,540
Junior Kg 1,25,000 66,160 10,000 1,51,540
Senior Kg 1,25,000 66,160 10,000 1,51,540
Sparkles 94,500 10,000 33,625
For the Academic Year (2021-22) Afternoon Shift (1.00pm to 5.00pm)
Registration (One Time) Annual Fees Deposit (Refundable) First chq (current date)
Nursery 20,000 63,000 10,000 45,750
Junior Kg 1,00,000 63,000 10,000 1,25,750
Senior Kg 1,00,000 63,000 10,000 1,25,750


  • The admission process consists of two interactions: first parent interaction and second child assessment. After the procedure is over, the admission team will communicate the final fees structure.

Terms & Condition

  • All payments for new admissions as well as for existing students should be paid by Post Dated Cheques (PDC) only. Please mention the name, standard and contact number behind the cheque.
  • All payments will be collected only by the accounts department. If parents fail to pay fees before the last date, a late fine of Rs.150/- each will be charged for every week thereafter.
  • PDC for all 4 quarters to be deposited to the school at the time of taking admission.
  • For admissions granted in the middle of the session parents are required to pay the tuition fees from the beginning of the session.
  • Annual Charges will be collected at the beginning of the academic session and are non-refundable even if any mid-term withdrawal of student is done.
  • In case of a bounced cheque, a fine of Rs.150/- & late fee will be charged from the parents till the date of payment.
  • Any fees paid for a student is not adjustable against other student.
  • The fees of your child for next academic year will remain either as above or will increase marginally. Any increase in fees in the forthcoming years will be intimated to parents at least 3 months in advance.

Refund Policy

In case of New Admission

  1. In case the admission is withdrawn after the academic year commences: – Only the Security Deposit will be refunded. The fees paid till the quarter ends will not be refunded.
  2. In case the admission is withdrawn before the academic year: – the decision needs to be communicated before 1st March 2021 and all fees will be refunded.
  3. Any withdrawal after 1st March 2021 and before commencement of the academic year: – only the registration fees and the security deposit will be refunded.

Note: Registration fee will not be refunded.

In case where a parent withdraws admission or communicates his /her intention after the date of commencement of academic year, then only the PDCs which are not deposited will be refunded along with Security Deposit.

In case of Existing Student:

In order to withdraw their ward, parents need to submit their application in hard copy or soft copy in the prescribed format which is available at the front office.

Before the start of the academic year:

  • The school will require notice of 1 month before the start of the academic year.
  • In case Q1 is paid, the same will be refunded and PDCs for Q2, Q3 & Q4 will be returned back.
  • In case the school is not informed 1 month before the start of the academic year – Quarter 1 fees will not be refunded.
  • Security Deposit will be refunded.

In the middle of the academic year:

  • Student who has paid the full year fees will be charged only up to the end of the quarter and the fees of the remaining quarters will be refunded.
  • Student who has not paid the full year fees, needs to pay till the end of the last quarter that he/she has last attended the classes in.
  • Security Deposit will be refunded.

Note: Security deposit, if any, shall be refunded without interest, after adjustment of dues, if any, on withdrawal from the school. Security deposit is adjustable against damage to, or loss of –

  1. Library books
  2. Technology facilities
  3. Other equipment or assets of the school
  4. Any fees / fines / penalties outstanding

Online mode for fees payment

We are using ‘Easy Pay’ module by ICICI Bank as a platform for collecting fees online. Once the school uploads the fees collection data, an SMS and an email go to the mobile number and email ID of the parent as registered with the school.
The SMS/ Email has a passcode. By clicking on the link and putting that passcode, the link will guide you to the payment screen. Alternatively, an icon to ‘Pay Fees Online’ is also available on the school’s website. On clicking on that
icon, it will ask for the SID and Registered mobile number. An OTP will have to be entered after which; the payment screen will open. Modes of payment: the following methods of payment are available :

  • Net Banking – the parent has to login to their bank accounts and makes payment.
  • Credit Card / Debit Card – on entering card details, the payment can be made.
  • UPI – on entering virtual payment ID i.e. VPA, the payment can be made.
  • NEFT / RTGS – if any of the above modes are not suitable, the parent should click on NEFT/ RTGS tab. A challan will be generated on clicking. The challan will have an account number and IFSC code, which is unique to each student.
    That challan along with a cheque favouring ‘Yourself’ or ‘__________ Bank Ltd. – for NEFT’ has to be submitted by the parent to their bank, and the bank will execute NEFT with those details.
    There is no need for the bank account details of the school in this case. The school will receive credit against that student’s SID.
  • Paytm – the data is also uploaded on Paytm website, and hence parents can go to the Paytm app, click on School tab and make the payment.

On successful completion of Easy Pay transactions, a challan/receipt is generated for parent’s records. The school will also provide a receipt once funds are                        credited to school bank account eventually.