Preschool Activities

Bodakdev School offers quality education with the most excellent facilities to pre-schoolers from Playgroup (Early Child Care) to Senior KG. The school has opted for a child-centric, value-based learning and education system with ample opportunities for individual growth and development.

Our state-of-art campus has committed, qualified and experienced teaching staff, seek to place Bodakdev School for Children as Ahmedabad’s most admired, respected and renowned preschool. We aim to ensure that every child at Bodakdev School is groomed to “Realize his/her Potential” and be the best in every facet of life.

All the below mentioned activities are carried out during the school hours at Bodakdev School Campus.

EduSports:  The school has tied up with India’s leading professional sports training agency. It is essential that pre-schoolers should have the opportunity to experience structured physical activity under the guidance of a trained teacher. These activities are age appropriate, fun and engaging. We sow the seeds of health and fitness at an early age to create a generation that can live longer than us.

Music: Indian and Western Music styles are given great importance to the learning environment. The pre-schoolers have a regular music class during their school hours during which they will be familiarized with various music forms.

Dance: Pre-schoolers are offered Indian Dance Classical and folk, which reflect the rich culture of India. We offer the toddlers a chance to learn a variety of folk dances, so they can come to know about different traditions.

Art: A variety of art activities are carried out regularly in the school. Sponge painting, finger dabbing, thumb painting, canvas painting etc. are taught in the school, so that pre-schoolers learn to appreciate art.

Craft: Toddlers are taught to make a variety of crafts during their craft sessions. They are also trained to make craft items from best of waste material, sand craft, mud crafts, nature collages and clay.

Special Assemblies: Special assemblies are held every month for pre-schoolers from Playgroup (Early Child Care) to Senior KG. The topics are related to general knowledge. These assemblies showcase the talent of our children, and also give them a platform to discuss issues and update their peers on the world around them.

Field Trips: Field trips facilitate fast and efficient learning. Our school regularly organizes field trips for the children. The benefits of field trips are that they connect children to the real world; it provides the children with a change from their daily school routine. Through real-life connections and hands-on experience of the lessons, and children are more likely to understand the concepts taught in school.

Social learning: Days like Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s day are celebrated on the campus. At Bodakdev School, we offer you the opportunity through these celebrations to introduce your child to social learning at the earliest stages, preparing each child individually for a life of collaborative, meaningful and enriched learning. These social learning experiences prepare pre-schoolers for the complex, emotional, cognitive, linguistic and physical skills they will need in preschool and beyond.

Cooking Sessions: Cooking sessions in Bodakdev School for pre-schoolers focus on improving the fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and practice social skills like sharing and following the directions given by their teachers.