Frequently Asked Questions

The school has an in-house kitchen where nutritious snacks are prepared using the finest ingredients. The menu is designed keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of a pre-schooler. The school serves only Jain snacks in the snack time. The menu is regularly uploaded on the portal.

Yes, transport facility is available in the school. A third party provides the buses and is managed by an independent vendor.

The buses are air-conditioned and GPS tracking facility is available. A lady attendant is always present on each bus for the safety of our pre-schoolers.

There are various activities in the school for this age. They include drawing, painting, storytelling sessions, Hands-on projects, language skills, numerical skills, introduction to writing and poem recitation sessions.Moreover activities like PLE, Edu Sports, music, field trips, special assemblies, computers, reading, quiz competitions and many more are available for 3-year old in the school.

A preschool curriculum which is designed to focus on the physical, social, cognitive as well as emotional development of the child. It should allow the child to explore the environment, expose them to theme-based activities, music, dance and engage in group activities as well as provide them with child-centric activity. Such a curriculum will ensure the holistic development of the child.

Highest inquiries for BSFC pre-primary are in the month of October to January.

The activities in BSFC are focused on preparing the child for formal schooling. Most activities revolve around vocabulary and speech development. Children also have sand play sessions, storytelling sessions, water play sessions and reading sessions in the school library. They also celebrate all major Indian festivals in which children take part.Special emphasis is also given on activities which enhance gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills of the child.

Any child above 2+ can join a preschool.

The main reason to choose a preschool around your office or residence is that a parent can easily come to school to pick and drop the child. Moreover, the lesser the commute time, the child will remain fresh and cheerful during his entire day in the preschool.

Young children are susceptible to infections and diseases. Hence, cleanliness and hygiene play a major role in pre-school. At BSFC all the washrooms are cleaned frequently, special care is taken that children wash their hands before and after meals.

The school has provided strict instructions to parents to not send their child to school in case the child is ill.

Bodakdev School for Children follows the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) guidelines, which have been set for preschools in India.

The building of the school is especially designed for a preschool. Moreover, the furniture in the entire building is child friendly. The preschool has toilets with waterless and odourless urinals for young boys and clean hygienic toilets for young girls.

The teachers in the school are professionally trained to handle pre-schoolers. They are trained regularly by leading academicians of the city. Workshops are organised for teachers and parents on sensitive issues pertaining to pre-schoolers.

The school also has facilities of a homeopathy clinic, a doctor, and a counsellor that are not usually available in other preschools of Ahmedabad.

Sparkles is a division for children with special needs in the school. It caters to learning disabilities and provides a Special Educator with a ratioof 1:4.

The facilities include AC room, trained maid and after school activities in the campus. The timings of the day-care are 8:30 am to 6:30 pm (Monday to Friday).

Yes in future we have plans to provide after-school activities to pre-schoolers. This will help them in engaging in meaningful activities which would lead to further enhancement of their overall growth and development.

The admission process in Bodakdev is same for all students from Playgroup to Senior KG. Firstly parents have to fill the admission form available online on , then they have to take a printout and submit the form to the school’s admission office along with the relevant documents specified in the form.

Once short-listed, parents will receive a call from the school and a mail for an interaction with the Vice-Principal. If the child is selected, a confirmation letter is issued from the school. Within 15 days of the confirmation letter, parents are expected to pay their child’s fees to secure admission.